London Street Photography Festival – July 2011

London has a wide range of events throughout the Summer of 2011, July see’s photography works from all over the world showcasing their work at the London Street Photography Festival. Serviced City Pads supply short and long stay Serviced Apartments throughout London, Serviced City Pads have leisure and corporate guests staying through the summer in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The reservations team at Serviced City Pads can be contacted on 0844 335 8866.

Please find the following summary of exhibitors at the Photography Festival throughout July.Serviced City Pads.

The father of street photojornalism and the most famous is of course Henri Cartier-Bresson born in August 2008, who was the early adopter of the 35 mm format and the master of candid photography. Henri was born in France and the oldest of five children, he benefited that his father was a wealthy textile manufacturer, his mothers family were cotton merchants and landowners from Normandy, where he spent part of his childhood. Henri developed his artistic life on two forms painting and photography, however as he progressed through his artistic jounrney he began to favour photography after he was influnced by the work of Munkacsi. Munkacsi had taken pictures of black kids running in a wave and he was struck by the photograph and couldn’t beleive pictures like this could be taken. Henri then began a life on the streets taking pictures and photographs could fix eternity in an instant. Henri visited cities Berlin, Brussells, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest and Madrid looking for the perfect picture. Cartier-Bresson achieved international recognotion on his coverage of Ghandi’s funeral in India in 1948 and also pictures taken of the Chinese civil war. Serviced City Pads.

Helen Levitt is one well knwon photgrapher who took pictures mostly in black and white, Helen born in the 1940’s developed her skill and craft growing up in Brooklyn and with it’s mixture of Black and White proved a great street canvass with the New York Street Culture. While teaching some art classes to children, Levitt became intrigued with the transitory chalk drawings that were part of the New York childrens’ street culture of the time. Levitt then bought a camera and began photographing these works, as well as the children who made them. Helen Levitt spent the next twenty years developing black and white pictures in the New York area, in the late 1950’s Levitt recieved 2 Guggenheim grants to take colour photographs of the streets of New York. Levitt recieved great acclaim through her photographs of the New York street with pictures taken in all the five New York boroughs from down in Long Island up to Washington Heights. Serviced City Pads supply apartments in London, you can visit the London Street Photgraphy festival and stay in a serviced apartment from 1 night through to the whole month if you wish, the reservation team at Serviced City Pads will be more than happy to book any size of apartment. Serviced City Pads.