London: The Globe Theatre

Come to London at any time of the year and treat yourself with a trip to the theatre. Serviced City Pads has a host of luxury apartments in central locations, located minutes from The Globe.

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There are many reasons to visit the UK’s capital city and all of those motivations tailor to different tastes. Some people prefer to meander among the museums and soak up some British history, others flock to the high streets for a spot of tea and a good, long shop. Personally, I hop a train to down South as often as possible for the theatre. I settle myself into a serviced apartment in London for a few nights, spend the afternoons browsing through Camden Town and then rifle through my tickets to see what I’ll be watching each evening. More often than not, I’ll be scheduled to enjoy some Shakespeare.

Whatever your tastes, a trip to The Globe Theatre will leave few wanting.  There are sword fights and bar brawls, stolen kisses, stumbling marriages, bawdy laughs and betrayals a plenty. If you’ve never seen a jot of Shakespeare in your life, then this is the place to break that bad habit. His works were performed before the courts of Kings & Queens, but they were penned with ordinary people in mind and you would be amazed at how authentic his characters seem, how relatable his worlds. If you are in doubt that you would be a fan of the theatre at all, then think of it as an opportunity for you to see some of the nation’s finest acting talent perform live, in the flesh, without the barrier of a cinema screen.

If you need further convincing, the experience itself is cause for a visit. You will sit in the open air, or mull within a lively crowd mere meters from the stage. You will be stood a few hundred yards from where your ancestors may have gathered to see Shakespeare’s plays performed the very year they were written, when the ink was still wet on the page. Within the crowd there will be people from all walks of life, cultures and countries, who have come to see our National Bard’s words brought to life. It will be an occasion for pride to be part of such a rich culture, or if you are a traveller from aboard, to have partaken in such a unique experience. There is even a bar and a brassiere, if you fancy a drink  or a bite to eat whilst overlooking the Thames.

This year the Globe’s program includes performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest, MacBeth and King Lear. For families A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the perfect choice, as adults and children alike will love the foolish antics and magic mischief of the play’s human and fairy protagonists. A more serious audience in need of gripping entertainment may choose to indulge in the tense thrills of MacBeth or the treacherous twists of King Lear, both of which are classed among Shakespeare’s Tragedies. Finally if you are quick, you will catch the turbulent drama of The Tempest, which will transport you to a mysterious island populated with schemes, mysteries and fledging love. Whatever your tastes, I hope you have a wonderful time at the theatre.

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