London will know what The Matrix is this October…

The Serviced City Pads blog often draws your attention to events in film, and there is something happening in London this October at the Royal Albert Hall that we are eager to take a look at for today’s blog.

The Serviced City Pads blog is a keen fan of science fiction, and 1999’s “The Matrix” is a film that is assured of its place among the all-time greatest sci-fi films ever made. The film tells the story of a young man who works in a dull office job by day, whilst at night he is the infamous hacker Neo who is desperately trying to discover the answer to one question: What is the Matrix? The film sees Neo’s life turned upside down as he meets someone who can provide the answer to this question. In case you haven’t already seen this masterpiece, the Serviced City Pads blog doesn’t want to say too much more than this about the story – you should come to the Royal Albert Hall and see for yourself. If you’ve yet to see this movie, then you’re in for a real treat.

For those of us who have already seen “The Matrix” this is a chance to see it again on the big screen. You’ll be able to see all those amazing fight scenes and special effects the way they should be seen. Also, as if this was not enough, there is also going to be the added bonus of the NDR Pops Orchestra performing the score live while the film is played. It should be an incredible evening for fans of “The Matrix” and newcomers alike.

This special screening will be taking place at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 23rd October 2011.

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