Look to the future

In Manchester, the Futuresonic Festival celebrated various kinds of art and music. This festival was established in 1995 and has been going strong ever since. Futuresonic is organized by FutureEverything CIC, a non-profit community interest company.

Futuresonic features exhibitions, live events, workshops and talks. Everything revolves around upcoming music. This is a festival that is not to be missed by anyone who loves the music scene and is interested in what is happening with any new talent that is emerging.

It is coined as one of the best music festivals held in Manchester each year and now has a reputation and a half. So, who wouldn’t want to visit Manchester for the Futuresonic festival? Grab some friends and start planning because serviced apartments in Manchester offer you the most affordable group accommodation around.

Going to Furutesonic

When you travel to Manchester, you don’t have to stay at a bed and breakfast or at a hotel. Those options are going to drain your festival budget and not everyone can afford the same hotels or other accommodation. This is what makes serviced apartments in Manchester so unique, you can all stay together in a roomy apartment and save money for the big partying.

You can choose a serviced apartment in Manchester that is close to all amenities and the festivities as well as one that is comfortable without being too pricey. Because serviced apartments in Manchester are charged per night and not per person, splitting the costs makes the trip even more worthwhile. You have no excuse to miss out on the Futuresonic Festival in Manchester so get booking now.