Looking for something different to the Bristol Airport hotels?

There are flights to a number of impressive destinations currently available from Bristol Airport. Whether travelling within the UK, Europe or the rest of the world, Bristol Airport can cater to your needs.

Within the vicinity of any of the major airports there are always hotels to offer travellers somewhere close to the airport to relax and rest. Bristol Airport hotels are available and are a popular choice. However, these hotels also have a number of disadvantages which put some potential guests off and leave them feeling like they can’t stay near the airport of their choice.

A common issue with hotels like those at Bristol Airport is that they offer basic accommodation at an expensive price. Hotels located near airports are a necessity for some and so can charge high rates for their accommodation. Another common problem is that these hotels are often very crowded and noisy. If travelling, you need somewhere quiet and relaxing to spend your time and unfortunately a number of hotels just do not offer this. The result is many are now reluctant to stay in airport hotels.

However, this does not mean they can’t stay near the airport. Bristol Airport hotels are not the only type of accommodation available. Serviced apartments near Bristol airport are also available and offer great value for money.

At Serviced City Pads, our serviced apartments are private, spacious, quiet and luxuriously furnished to create a warm and inviting environment. Our apartments are also available for most budgets so are the perfect solution to your Bristol Airport accommodation needs.