Lose Yourself In The History Of The Barbican District

Say “The Barbican” and many people instantly think of the Barbican Centre, the sprawling modern arts complex notorious for trapping lost tourists. However, those who live and work here know it as an ancient and fascinating part of the City, which has a history dating back at least as far as the Roman Wall (the Barbican Centre itself is just outside its remaining boundaries.)

If you book accommodation in London’s Barbican area, a visit to the Museum of London is a must. Free admission takes you through a series of galleries that chart London’s history from pre-Roman times to the present day. Along the way you will see how the City of London looked in the thirteenth century. The Barbican got its name from the mediaeval watchtower that stood there.

People booking luxury serviced apartments in London for business may find it interesting to take a guided City tour. The perimeters marked out by the twelfth century jurisdictional City Bars exist today and retain their juridical importance.

Book London serviced apartments in the shadow of the Roman Wall, and you’ve not only got the largest arts complex in Europe on your doorstep – you’ve got an enthralling, complex history lesson too.

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