Make Edinburgh Your Base For Your Scottish Holiday

Edinburgh is a stunning blend of ancient and modern living side by side and is said to me one of the most charming cities in Europe. The city itself has so much to offer visitors that it is impossible to try and see everything.

Add to that the outlaying towns and villages that are beautiful and quaint and you will have an extremely long list of things to do. You could wander around this part of Scotland for a very long time without experiencing it all. Edinburgh is the capitol of Scotland and has an illustrious history full of drama. The huge variety of entertainment and scenery that the city offers makes it the perfect base for a Scottish vacation.

Family accommodation with comfort and style

Serviced apartments in Edinburgh are an excellent choice for the family on vacation. The choice of apartments is huge and caters to small and large families. An important factor for any family vacation is the budget. Serviced apartments are cost saving as the fee is charged per apartment and not per person. This means your vacation money stretches much further than normal.

Using Edinburgh as your base, you can travel by train or bus across a large area and go on day trips. Each night you can return to your comfortable serviced apartment and enjoy all the comforts of home as these apartments have all modern amenities.

Serviced apartments are the best option for a family vacation, especially when travelling with children who continue their normal daily routines as if they were at home. This means a far more relaxing time for the parents as children are not unsettled and do not feel ‘out of sorts’ in a strange environment.