Make Things More Exciting With A Group Stay

When you go away, you usually want to share the good times with your friends and in many cases if your friends aren’t there then the good times aren’t either. Parents enjoy getting away from the kids every now and then but you don’t want to leave them at home on every holiday trip you take.

How can you make sure your friends can join you for that summer holiday? How can you make a holiday stay for the whole family fit into your budget? The answer is pretty simple; you rent yourself a serviced pad.

The more the merrier

Serviced pads are apartments that are fully furnished with all the comforts of home and sometimes even more. Like a home away from home, serviced pads come in various sizes and styles to suit your pocket and your travel party. When booking a group of friends into a hotel for a week, not only is there a chance of having to stay at different ends of the hotel but many people are put off the idea because it costs so much.

When renting a serviced pad, group holiday blues is a thing of the past. You can choose a pad that has as many rooms as you need and only pay for the accommodation per night instead of per person per night. This means you can shake things up and keep the good times rolling with all your friends or the whole family without anyone having to rob a bank to afford it.