Manchester City Footie

Football is huge in the UK, as everybody already knows. There are so many different football clubs and their fans that support them, it is actually quite overwhelming. Within The city of Manchester alone you have two phenomenal football clubs. You have the world famous Manchester United team. And then you also have the Manchester City team.

Although not as famous as Manchester United, Manchester City football club is still a great success. Crowds of forty thousand regularly come and pay to see that team play. Now, as a Manchester City fan you don’t have to be in Manchester itself in order to be an avid fan. However this does put a damper on the fun you can have watching live games, right?

Getting to that game

The answer to that is a huge no. You can live elsewhere in the UK and still catch live Manchester City games. Al you have to do is book yourself into a serviced apartment in Manchester. These apartments range in price and style from an affordable roof over your head for a night or two to luxury apartments in Manchester.

Which serviced apartment in Manchester you choose to make your base is up to you and your wallet. There is nothing like watching a live football game, the camaraderie, the energy, the adrenaline.

You never have to miss another important Manchester City game again if you can afford a serviced apartment in Manchester. Manchester also sports a great number of pubs and eateries that you can enjoy once the game is over. Never a dull moment on a visit to Manchester.