Manchester comedy festival

The yearly Manchester Comedy Festival is a highlight on the calendar for all enthusiasts of quality comedy. This 11-day comedy event is usually held in October or November each year and offers a packed programme that brings all the big names in comedy to the city.

The Comedy Festival not only showcases the top comedians. This event is an excellent opportunity for the newcomers on the comedy scene to show what they have to offer.

The public eagerly awaits the announcement of the festival program each year. This is so that they can get planning. The comedy festival is not held at a single venue, but ranges from the M.E.N arena and the Manchester Apollo that hosts the most well known comedians. This is the opportunity comedy fans wait for each year to descend on Manchester in droves. Many people plan their annual vacation around the comedy festival so that they don’t miss any of it.

Making the most of the festival

The wise comedy enthusiasts start planning for their chosen accommodation long before the time. The veteran comedy festival-goers already know which areas they like to stay in so they get on the phone early and arranged serviced apartments that meet all their needs. Manchester has an excellent public transport system, so festival-goers do not have to concentrate in one area only.

They can choose their serviced apartment in the luxury or economy range in any part of the city they want. Serviced apartments are the choice of accommodation for festival-goers. They love having their home comforts and the total privacy city pads offer them. Serviced apartments are the most economical accommodation especially for groups of festival-goers as they pay per apartment and not per person.