Manchester Golf Week Festival

Manchester has great golfing opportunities for all golfing enthusiasts and is well known to locals as well as visitors. Manchester Golf Club has a superb course that is a mixture of beautiful parkland and moorland and hosts many events. The annual Golf Week Festival is extremely popular with locals as well as people from other areas of the UK.

The Festival Week normally takes place in the first week of August each year. Golfing enthusiasts usually mark their calendars months ahead of the event to start planning their time in Manchester. This brings the question of accommodation to the top of the planning list for golfers.

Most of them want to be near the Manchester Golf Course in Hopwood to minimize travelling. This means all accommodation in that area will be highly sought after.

Home comforts

Obviously there are many hotels to choose from, but many golfers prefer a more relaxed atmosphere where they can feel at home. Serviced apartments fit this bill perfectly. There are serviced apartments in and around Hopwood to choose from, depending on the needs and wants of visitors.  Often couples come to Manchester for the annual Golf Week Festival and luxury serviced apartments are a top choice.

What better environment to come to each day after a day spent golfing to relax in all the comforts of home and total privacy? Luxury serviced apartments come with extra optional services such as maid service. These apartments usually have a 24-hour concierge as well.

The Manchester Golf Week festival offers great golfing for newcomers as well as seasoned golfers each year. Thus an economically priced serviced apartment is just the thing groups of golfing enthusiasts look for. It makes their stay as comfortable as possible.