Manchester ready for Labour Party Conference

As the Liberal Democrats leave Liverpool behind after their Conference, it is the turn of the Labour Party to head to the North West of England and to Manchester where this years Annual Labour Party Conference is given added kudos with the announcement on Saturday of the new Labour party leader. Who is it going to be? It looks like a battle to the line between the Miliband brothers – Ed and David. David Miliband remains the slight favourite, but his younger brother whose socialist leanings have led him to be nicknamed “Red Ed” is catching quick, and it looks like this contest will be a photo finish. Serviced City Pads thinks David is the safer choice, someone who can unite rather than divide the Labour party and feels that it wil be him who is crowned as the new Labour leader in Manchester, with his challenge of toppling an already wobbling coalition government.

High drama indeed. More importantly to Manchester is the fact that with Labour again returning to Manchester in 2010 really cements the city as a premier conference destination. If you were a conference organiser you couldn’t help but be impressed by how Manchester has transformed itself over the previous 10 years, taking over from Leeds as the unofficial “Capital of the North”.

Having the Labour Party Conference in ManchesterIt is also great news for the economy of Manchester. Experts predict that the economy will benefit to the tune of £15 million with delegates making use of the vast array of accommodation in Manchester, with Manchester hotels fully booked as well as service apartments in Manchester being particularly busy.

On top of the direct benefits that Manchester accommodation providers have seen, there are also benefits seen from restaurants and shops in Manchester.

There will also be a ripple effect as more conferences decide to use the excellent facilities that Manchester has to offer.

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