Manchester’s Chinatown

Chinatown has become synonymous with large and culturally diverse cities in the world. There are many Chinatowns across the globe; however each has its own uniqueness and special experiences. Manchester has just such a Chinatown, waiting for the rest of the UK citizens to come and experience it.

Exploring and experiencing Manchester’s Chinatown is the perfect idea for a mini-break or a weekend away. To make that idea even more enticing is the prospect of staying in a luxurious serviced apartment. Manchester’s serviced apartments are value for money and add that extra touch of comfort to your trip. You can stay in Manchester affordably and get the services offered by a hotel too.

Exploring the local orient

Manchester is a busy, bustling city and Chinatown is just one more reason to visit this exquisite city. Many people in the UK are sitting on activity goldmines and don’t even realise it. With finances becoming increasingly tough, holidays and weekends overseas are moving further out of reach. Indulge in a glorious getaway to a local orient; Manchester’s Chinatown.

This little gem is a cornucopia of experiences, especially for the food lover.  You can find a wide variety of oriental restaurants that serve up delicious food. You can buy souvenirs from the myriad of gift shops and Chinatown is a sight on a Sunday.

This is when oriental folk from around the country travel here in search of items from the traders, herbalists and more. Chinatown in Manchester is a rich blend of cultures, including some surprising ones like French and Italian, and won’t disappoint.