Manchester’s Christmas markets

The end of the year brings on an annual festive frenzy across most of the world. It’s gift buying and festive merriment wherever you turn. Shops and businesses of all kinds join in on the fun and provide decorations and other celebratory displays.

People flock to the stores and shopping centres in droves to get their hands on Christmas deals and gifts. A Christmas event that nobody should miss out on is The Manchester Christmas markets. These markets offer you a variety of things to see and do, as well as things to spend your money on.

Festive travel

Travelling to another city for festivities is always loads of fun. However, it can prove to be quite expensive if you want to stay in a hotel. Manchester offers visitors a highly affordable alternative. You can make your stay cosier and cheaper by staying in a Manchester serviced apartment. These apartments offer you many of the same services you find in hotels at a fraction of the cost.

Staying in a Manchester serviced apartment offers you the feeling of home with the luxury and decadence of a hotel stay. During the Christmas period this kind of spoiling is welcome and it leave the family free to have fun. The Christmas markets in Manchester run for roughly a month from mid November to just before Christmas. It offers lots of European style fun in five different markets across the centre of Manchester.

The five locations are Brazennose Street, Albert Square, St Exchange Street, Ann’s Square and New Cathedral Street. Bring your family for fun, shopping and a break from everyday life.