Mary Kings Close Is One Of Edinburgh’s Darkest Secrets

Ever since they were made famous on Living TV, people have been booking into serviced apartments in Edinburgh’s South Bridge Vaults district to explore these tunnels for themselves. Invariably they head for the terrifying, and tragic, Mary King’s Close – where Yvette Fielding and her team once did a Halloween Special.

Even if you’re cynical about ghosts you will still find a stay here a fascinating experience, purely from a historical point of view. There is far more than just Mary King’s to see, so rather than book into a hotel, why not rent one of our luxury serviced apartments in Edinburgh, and book onto a few history walks instead?

The Vaults are open to all, and a guide isn’t obligatory – although the labyrinth of tunnels is so extensive and steeped in history you’ll probably need one. Mary King’s Close has tours all to itself – and it still takes an hour or so to trawl through.

Renting serviced apartments in Edinburgh near the Royal Mile puts you right at the centre of things. Wander along and you will see numerous little Closes and Wynds, shelving steeply away from the main street – Mary King’s being just one of them. In Mediaeval times, Edinburgh’s streets followed the contours of the steep hill, up from the docks. At this time, it was one of the most crowded and plague-infested cities in Europe. In the 1560s, King James had the Flodden Wall built, a network of tenement blocks evolved.

Today, those same tenements are rented out as luxury serviced apartments in Edinburgh – a good opportunity is never wasted! So why not book hotels in Edinburgh online with us at Serviced City Pads, and head underground?