Mixing Work With Pleasure – Corporate Serviced Pads

Anyone who travels on business will understand that it is not always that great. It feels like a task and you are never too sure about the accommodation. Having to be away from family and home can be difficult and staying in different hotels can get tiring.

Corporate service pads are really designed to take the drab out of business travel and allow executives to feel at home. The main benefit they offer is the fact that although miles away, you still get that freedom and comfort of being in your own house.

Fully furnished and fitted with all amenities that a conventional London home has, one soon forgets that you are not in your familiar dwelling.

Business Travel Made Easier

Corporate serviced apartments are alternatives to hotels and offer considerably lower rates. For a longer business stay, bookings of apartments can be made for stay up to as long as a year. Because each apartment is uniquely designed, you never have that monotonous feel that most hotels give. Just as luxurious though as a hotel, you will always get clean linen, fresh towels and a tidy living space.

The nice thing about serviced pads is that businesspersons regularly travelling to the same destination for business can choose to stay in the same apartment. This really allows one to make a second home out of the pad. Because all apartments have beautiful interior, a productive work setting is created. Its lavishness and comfort will surely allow you to mix business with pleasure.