Nottingham: Where to stay and what to see

You may know Nottingham as the famous home of Robin Hood, with Sherwood Forest and legends of the world’s favorite folk hero, and whilst this is a wonderful place to visit and learn the history of Robin Hood in the city, Nottingham can offer so much more as well! From the Nottingham Castle to the tours of the caves and tunnels of the city, Nottingham has a fascinating history to be explored. If you are planning a trip to Nottingham, then why not look at booking a short stay apartment in Nottingham during your time in the city and see all it has to offer.
Not only does the city have so many historical sites to see and explore, but Nottingham can offer a great deal to do, whether you are planning an exciting trip away with friends or family, or simply looking to enjoy your time whilst away on business. Nottingham can offer a great deal of activities, and opportunities to truly enjoy your stay whilst you are in the city. With everything from a ghost walk, a family theme park, and a chance to walk through Sherwood Forest and explore the famous home of Robin hood! Not only do you have these wonderful events and activities, but Nottingham also has some fantastic places to eat and drink, with the Robin Hood Beer and Cider festival also taking place in October at Nottingham Castle.
With so much to do in the city, finding a serviced apartment in Nottingham does not have to be a challenge. Here at the Serviced City Pads, we have some wonderful apartments to offer you, from the Ice House apartments that are the perfect choice for business or pleasure to the Cranbrook House apartments, within walking distance of the Nottingham rail station and Royal concert hall.
CASA, 2 bedroom apartments:



Cranbrook, 2 bedroom apartment:

Cranbrook House.

Ice House, 1 bedroom apartment:

Ice House.

If you are looking to visit Nottingham, then why not book a serviced apartment today!