Ordinary fascination

Have you ever noticed how the history lessons in schools always focus on the important people of the important events in our history? Well, in case nobody told the people writing history books, the little people and small events count just as much.

Without the ordinary man on the street and the ordinary events of daily life, there is no real history. The important parts of human history are founded and solidly built on a foundation laid by the little people. And so, Edinburgh offers the world a glimpse into the lives of the ordinary little people of the past.

Humble beginnings

The People’s Story is a museum in Edinburgh that is housed in what is the Cannongate Tollbooth. Formerly the Cannongate Tollbooth was used as a tax collecting office, a court and even, believe it or not, a prison. This little historic gem is home to everyday life from the latter part of the 18th century right up until the present day.

You get to see, smell and hear what life was like back in the day. When you visit The People’s Story you will need to rest your head in the same town the museum promotes. This means searching for accommodation in Edinburgh.

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