Planning An Old Girls Reunion In Manchester

We were all children and teenagers once, but once adulthood catches up with us we scatter to the four winds. So often we leave behind childhood friend with a promise to keep in touch that fades as the years go by. Suddenly we are of mature years and we have the need to touch base with all those we have not seen for years.

Why not plan a reunion in the beautiful city of Manchester? This sprawling, bustling city has everything to offer the visitor and caters to a myriad tastes and needs. You could of course all book into a hotel, but for most it would be far too formal a setting for a reunion of all the girls who now may have become grandmothers.

Freedom and comfort with all the amenities of home

Manchester has a huge selection of serviced apartments to choose from that would suit the needs for a reunion perfectly. This is a wonderful cost-effective form of accommodation that would suit the budgets of all the ladies and give them that much extra to spend on themselves. The whole group can share one or more apartments that will also enhance the feeling of togetherness.

No-one is bound to strict meal times and everyone can come and go as they please. Serviced apartments are available from those with all the basic amenities to the utmost luxurious fittings. This way all the ladies enjoy their home comforts with far greater privacy than in a hotel and great fun will be had by all as they plan where to go next and where to eat the next meal.

City pads are ideal for the group can be as formal or informal as they wish at all times.