Preparing for your Journey at Gatwick

Going on holiday involves a lot of preparation, such as cancelling any deliveries of milk or newspapers, arranging for someone to feed the cat or rabbit, and organising a house sitter. You spend a lot of time before your actual holiday with the preparation of clothes to pack, shopping and deciding what you will need when you reach your destination. Many people are actually physically and mentally exhausted when they finally set off for the airport.

Larger airports such as Gatwick are incredibly busy places and are surrounded by London hotels, many of them offering cheap deals for overnight stays and parking. Travelling to the airport the night before your flight is advisable to enable you to start your holiday early by relaxing with a nice meal and a good night of sleep.

However, Gatwick airport hotels are extremely busy, and are therefore quite noisy places to stay. The restaurants are very often crowded with other travellers preparing for their holidays and you may find that you are kept awake at night with the noise of people checking into their rooms at all hours.

A preferable alternative to a hotel is a serviced apartment in London, which is self contained so that you are able to relax in comfortable surroundings. Here at Serviced City Pads we can recommend an apartment that is close to the airport, and yet peaceful so that you can sleep undisturbed, leaving for your destination fully refreshed and ready for your flight. We can offer better value and quality than run of the mill Gatwick airport hotels.