Putting Your Feet Up In Your Serviced Apartment

It is the reality of life today that not all of us have the luxury of sleeping at home each night. For a large section of people travelling around for work is simply the norm. The gypsy lifestyle of sleeping in different cities and countries every few weeks is acceptable to some. The majority of us humans though are nesting animals.

We want to sleep in our own beds at night and be surrounded by our own, familiar objects and our families. Ask any seasoned traveller and he will tell you that eventually all hotels seem the same, the food tastes the same and it all becomes a blur.

Only difference is that some places the weather is cold while in other places it might rain or snow. Homesickness becomes a reality for those among us who have to travel constantly or be away from home for extended periods of time.

Home away from home

The concept of serviced apartments was born from a need to be ‘at home’ while traveling for whatever reason. This type of accommodation has become hugely popular in recent years due to the benefits it brings travellers and holiday visitors. When using a serviced apartment you take a piece of home with you, you have the comfort level of your own home with the privacy and flexibility of home.

No meal schedules and timetables. You go where you want to and come back at night, kick off your shoes, put up your feet and watch the football game if you want. Fall asleep on the sofa if you want and eat take-away snacks at midnight exactly as you would at home.