Quality and quilts in Edinburgh

Serviced apartments in Edinburgh are rapidly becoming the first choice for visitors here. The freedom an apartment from Serviced City Pads affords visitors, as well as the space, gives them the  ideal balance between the high quality finish of a fine hotel and the convenience of an ensuite bedroom.
Moreover, staying in a serviced city apartment in Edinburgh not only allows you to experience Edinburgh at your leisure but also gives you added bonuses in the evening. Whereas with a hotel you usually get just a bed and a TV, with a serviced apartment in Edinburgh you’ll get DVD players and Internet access where available.
Onsite parking is a big issue in many capital cities and where we can, Serviced City Pads has provided it. This helps you when you’ve had a long drive exploring the Lothian countryside or spent an afternoon shopping in the historic town centre. Beautiful buildings surround the city and it is these kinds of attractions that make the city such an enjoyable one to explore.
Once you have enjoyed the day’s explorations you can try out some of the city’s bars. Why not grab a pint of ‘heavy’ and discuss the beauty of the Scottish countryside? After an evening’s entertainment and chat you’ll be able to come home to a lovely serviced apartment with all the facilities you need to relax.
Our quality bathrooms offer you the chance to unwind and then wrap yourself up in the softest of towels before snuggling up for the night in our comfy beds, what more could you want?