Releasing your potential

Whether you’re here for business or for pleasure, serviced apartments in Liverpool offer you a fantastic alternative to a hotel bedroom. The amount of freedom an apartment from Serviced City Pads gives you is just one reason why more and more people are choosing to lease an apartment over the stuffiness of a hotel bedroom.

Releasing you to enjoy your stay in Liverpool means taking all of the worries over confinement and conformity out of the equation, with a luxury serviced apartment that is provided just for you. When you’ve had a hard day at the office or spent all day in meetings, a serviced apartment is a great place to come home and unwind.

Alternatively, why not have friends over for an informal meeting? You’ve got great kitchen facilities and a dining room to entertain and impress guests, plus, you’ll find many of our apartments come with onsite parking.

Coming home to a serviced apartment in Liverpool adds to your stay, it’s not a place that you would feel trapped in, like you sometimes feel in a hotel, it’s your apartment, you live there and enjoy the benefits that go with that; clean linen, luxury bathrooms, high quality furniture, it’s all there for you to take pleasure in.

Liverpool is a pleasurable city to visit, it’s full of history and the people are down to earth and friendly. The new developments that have taken place over on the dockside have enhanced the city’s reputation for rejuvenating itself, making it a modern city. Living in luxurious surroundings will make your visit all the more delightful.