Relocating For Work

With many large companies having branches located all over the country as well as overseas, it is always a possibility that an employee will be asked to relocate to another part of the United Kingdom. Of course this means finding a new home and moving everything and everyone to a new location. Trying to co-ordinate the location of a new home and selling your existing home within a tight deadline is sometimes not possible, so your employer will provide temporary accommodation.

In some larger cities such as Manchester the obvious choice for temporary relocation may be a cheap hotel which may suffice for a very short period of time. For anyone who has to stay in a hotel for longer than a week the lack of space, the constant dining out and cramped conditions can become stressful and may eventually affect your performance at work. You are also facing the prospect of having your sleep disturbed by other guests and the hotel staff. Hotels in Manchester have staff that are constantly working throughout the night and noises echo when the hotel is quieter than usual.

Here at Serviced City Pads we can help you to relocate from hotels in Manchester by staying in one of our luxurious serviced apartments which offer space, convenience and all the home comforts you will require. With an internet connection and flat screen television you will be able to relax in the evening. A serviced apartment allows you to experience the same service as you would find in a five star hotel at a lower price.