See Jekyll and Hyde at the Wonderful Liverpool Empire

Martin Pello stars in the show Jekyll and Hyde at the wonderful Liverpool Empire from May 16 – 21, Marti has been recieving very complimentary reviews throughout the UK tour. Serviced City Pads supply short and long Serviced Apartment Accommodation throughout Liverpool for Studios to large Penthouse Apartments. Please contact the reservations team on 0844 335 8866.
The story of Jekyll and Hyde, the audience is introduced to John Utterson and Sir Danvers Carew, both having been associated with Doctor Henry Jekyll (Marti Pellow). Utterson was Jekyll’s lawyer and best friend while Sir Danvers was Jekyll’s future father-in-law. The two gentlemen take the audience back some time to find Jekyll in an insance asylum singong over his comatose father. It is Jekyll’s belief that the eveil in his fathers soul has caused his illness. Jekyll tells the audience about his passion to find out why man is both good and evil and his attempts to separate the good from evil.Serviced City Pads.

Danvers is throwing a engagement party for his daughter Emma who is soon to marry the Dr Jekyll, many friends of Emma’s and some enviable suitors discuss how worrried they are for for Emma in her forthcoming marriage to Dr Jekyll who they feel is not right for the girl. Dr Jekyll arrives late forn the party as usual due to his research and work committements however Danvers is unperturbed and tells Emma that Jekyll is like a son to him and is overjoyed on the forthcoming marriage. Emma herself is committed to Jekyll and is also beside herself with joy.

On his bachelor party night Jekyll meets a prostitute Lucy and leaves his calling card if ever she felt she needed to see him, after the bachelor party Jekyll goes back to his lab where his injects himself with a potion on himself and lives to terrorise the streets in the early hours of the morning, he also has an encounter with Lucy on this particular night. On this experiment high on his own special potion, Jekyll goes under the name of Edward Hyde.Serviced City Pads supply serviced apartments in Liverpool and throughout the UK, guests can either book online or through the reservation team on 0844 335 8866.
Emma and Danvers begin to argue about the suitability of Jekyll who is clearly slipping into an abyss, however Emma responds by imploring Danvers how important his work is. Lucy the prostitute then visits Jekyll claiming to have a large bruise on her back delivered by a man named Hyde, Jekyll hides his deception and pushes Lucy into to the night.

Later, the Bishop of Basingstoke is seen with Nellie a German Landlady after meeting with one of her attendants, who is a minor. He pays Nellie and arranges to see the attendant next Wednesday. When Nellie and the attendant leave, Hyde appears holding a swordstick and heavy pewter knob. After insulting the Bishop, Hyde proceeds to beat and stab the former to death with swordstick before gleefully setting the body aflame. Serviced City Pads supply serviced apartments in Liverpool.