See The Lion King musical in London this year!

The utterly outstanding musical The Lion King is still wowing audiences after 13 years at the Lyceum Theatre in London. This stunning theatrical adaptation of the Disney film does nothing but bring The Lion King closer to your heart.
The end results of the tireless efforts of The Lion King’s special effects team are simply spectacular. The stage sets the African Plains perfectly to give the feeling that the audience is really getting a glimpse into the Serengeti Plains of Africa. Costume design has reached new levels of excellence in The Lion King, headdresses, body paint and vibrant colours are used to bring the African scene really to life.
The songs written by Elton John for the 1994 Disney film are performed in the musical to great effect. You will catch such classics as The Circle of Life and Hakuna Matata which will bring back childhood memories for adults and make the magic begin for children. Even if you usually hate musicals, The Lion King’s heartfelt musical performances will leave you with your feet tapping and your head bopping.
In case you missed the 1994 feature film, the story of The Lion King focuses on Simba, the heir to the throne of Pride Rock. His Uncle Scar sets out to ruin Simba and his father and make himself King of Pride Rock. After the death of his father Mufasa, Simba runs away from Pride Rock. He then meets the lovable Timon and Puumba! This hilarious double act help Simba face his fears and teach him a thing or two along the way.
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