See The Sights Of London

London is not only the capital city, but is also the home of many tourist attractions including the home of our Queen and many historical and cultural attractions. People visit London from all over the world to see the home of the Royal family and the Changing of the Guard. Whilst in London there are many other places to visit and it can be very easy to spend a week or so travelling around London to see the sights. One of the obvious places to stay whilst in London is one of the many London airport hotels, which are low cost and convenient – but there are more London hotels and accommodation options than one may think.

However, staying in London airport hotels is fine for one or two nights but can become very tedious if you are looking for any amount of peace and quiet as well as solitude. After a long day sightseeing a few minutes to spend by yourself is always welcome to recharge your batteries and collect your thoughts. In a hotel room you will have no space or privacy which can become tedious. It is also hard to get a good night’s sleep as other guests tend to be noisy at night as well as hotel staff working through the night.

Here at Serviced City Pads we offer the perfect alternative to London airport hotels. Serviced apartments in London will offer the convenience of the city whilst also providing plenty of space to allow you to recharge your batteries. You will also be able to enjoy the freedom of choosing whether you dine out or make an evening meal at home in your apartment.