See Will Young at the O2 Academy Birmingham and stay in a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments are still available in Birmingham for the original Pop Idol, Will Young’s performance at the O2 Academy Birmingham on Sunday 20th November 2011.  Serviced apartments are an increasingly fashionable and popular choice for visitors to cities, offering more space, more freedom and more amenities for your money. Serviced City Pads has a large range of serviced apartments for you to choose from for your stay in Birmingham. To see the serviced apartments available in Birmingham for this date, please click here.

Will Young was catapulted to fame in 2002 when he won the first ever series of UK’s Pop Idol, a series which has now gained enormous fame all around the world, particularly in America, where American Idol has churned out such pop stars as Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. Will was the proclaimed underdog of the final, surprising everyone by beating the nation’s heartthrob (spiky-haired, stuttering teenager Gareth Gates) to first place. However, despite Gareth’s popularity, it was revealed after the final show that Will actually gained the most number of votes in 6 out of the 9 rounds of the show. Will’s first single a double A side recording of a Westlife album track, ‘Evergreen’ and ‘Anything is Possible’. The single went straight to number one, becoming the fastest selling debut in British chart history and in 2009 it was confirmed to be the biggest selling single of the decade. Will went on to achieve hits with popular songs such as ‘The Long and Winding Road’, (a duet with Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates), ‘Leave Right Now’ and ‘All Time Love’. Will’s fifth album, ‘Echoes’, was released in August 2011, three years after his last album. Its first single, ‘Jealousy’ made its way into the UK top 5 with ease and re-instated Will’s position in pop. Will is also a kind soul and has done a lot of work for charity during his time as a pop idol, working with charities such as Oxfam, Women’s Aid and Catch22. If you’ve got tickets to see Will, you won’t be disappointed.

If you will be travelling to Birmingham to see Will in action, serviced apartments are a great alternative to a hotel room, offering more space and the advantage of having your own kitchen and dining/living area. Whether you are travelling alone, in a couple, a large group or a family, there is a serviced apartment in Birmingham to suit you. To find out more about what serviced apartments are available for your stay, contact Serviced City Pads on 0844-335-8866 or have a look at the Birmingham city page on the Serviced City Pads website.