Self Catering Luxury

Serviced apartments in Liverpool provide self catering accommodation, fully furnished apartments, and a huge variety in the choice of location for your stay. Liverpool is a diverse city that has a lot to offer any visitor from a rich culture and heritage to music gigs and some of the most popular shopping destinations in the country. Flexibility is perhaps the greatest benefit of them all giving you the opportunity to do what you want when you want.

Self catering serviced apartments don’t have meal times and, if you’re feeling hungry at odd hours you don’t need to rely on pricey and limited room service options or the complimentary biscuits that come with the limited tea and coffee making facilities. Serviced apartments, available for short or long term stays, instead enable you to make the decisions on what you eat and when.

Fancy a takeaway? Again, it’s not a problem – serviced apartments in Liverpool are located in various regions. Because they are apartments, however, they almost always have local amenities including supermarkets or grocery stores, pubs, restaurants, and take-aways. You won’t be prevented from bringing food in that’s cooked off the premises.

The flexibility of serviced apartments mean you can change your mind at the last minute and completely alter your plans. Short and long term packages are available in apartments that are furnished to a very high standard with all the convenience that modern living affords. You might even be able to arrange for grocery delivery, dry cleaning, and other services.