Serviced Accommodation In Edinburgh – The Options

When looking for serviced accommodation in Edinburgh you might be surprised by the sheer range of options open to you. Not only can you decide exactly whereabouts in Edinburgh or the surrounding area you can stay but there are serviced apartments that comfortably house two to eight people and the range of services available is equally astonishing. It’s easy to see just why so many people now consider serviced accommodation in Edinburgh as a viable and beneficial alternative to hotel accommodation.

Serviced accommodation in Edinburgh can be leased on a short, medium, or long term basis. Whether you’re spending a night or a weekend, a week or several months you will be able to find adequate serviced accommodation n Edinburgh to meet those needs. Corporate accounts are also available with many services so that you can establish an ongoing relationship and can arrange leases that last for six months or longer – this can provide the perfect method for employees or contractors to settle into the area without having to spend their first few months looking for accommodation.

You should also consider the range of services that are available. Every apartment offers slightly different services but these can include general cleaning and maid duties, towel and linen services, ironing and dry cleaning, and even grocery and newspaper delivery services. Most serviced accommodation in Edinburgh includes a TV and DVD player, and all offer a fitted kitchen and modern furnished bathroom as well as a lot of living space that you wouldn’t enjoy with a hotel stay.