Serviced apartment in London for the River Thames.

Getting a London serviced apartment is not as easy as you might think, if you are doing all the work yourself anyway. That’s why enlightened individuals will use Serviced City Pads to find the London accommodation, and what more a defining feature of London than the River Thames?

The River Thames is England’s longest river and the second longest in the United Kingdom. For those river enthusiasts out there, you will already know that the Severn is the UK’s longest river, but that flows through Wales so we’re aren’t counting it on this occasion. For non-river enthusiasts, just read the last sentence. On its perilous journey from Thames Head (about a mile north of the village of Kemble) to the Thames estuary it goes through many places such as Newbridge, Swinford, Oxford, Abingdon, Wallingford, Goring, Pangbourne, Reading, Marlow, Maidenhead, Windsor, Staines, Kingston, London, Greenwich before coming out next to Southend. Oh it must see many a sight.

Probably the most famous part of the river is the bit that runs through London. There are lots of good bridges that cross the river, which have proved very useful as people wish to travel from one side to the other. Some good bridges that cross the Thames include Westminster Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Windsor Bridge, Putney Bridge and many more. There also some tunnels including the world’s first underwater tunnel, Marc Brunel’s Thames Tunnel built in 1843.

If you are looking for accommodation in London and you’re thinking of looking at or going on the Thames, then why not try booking a serviced apartment for your stay. Compared to an equivalent London hotel, apartments provide an added bonus due to their self-catering style, so you can cook and eat in the apartment without having to rely on expensive of sub-par hotel or restaurant food. You also get to enjoy more space than an in a hotel as you have use of a whole apartment. With plenty of serviced apartment options across London, Serviced City Pads can provide your London accommodation whilst you stay.