Serviced Apartments are Different Class

Not everyone likes to stay in a hotel or B&B. In fact, many people are finding that serviced city apartments are the better option when staying over at a big city. Many businesses are finding that setting clients up in their own apartment, rather than a hotel, makes a real difference to their relationship, giving the client something different.

Similarly, families are finding that luxury serviced apartments in Manchester have everything they need to make a city break a luxurious and hassle free one. There’s the space of a modern apartment and the modern facilities with furniture and utilities too. Indeed, staying in a Serviced City Pads apartment will transform the way you look at booking future destinations.

A Serviced City Pads apartment booking will offer you three types of accommodation to suit your budget and your needs. Short or long stay options give you the flexibility to rent an apartment on a quick and easy basis and, with our online booking service, getting a serviced city apartment couldn’t be easier.

The real difference we have found when people stay in serviced apartments in Manchester is the freedom afforded them. They don’t feel confined or restrained by the hotel atmosphere and their rules. There is a real feeling that a serviced apartment adds something extra to a holiday or business trip.

Whilst we can’t guarantee your conference will be enlightening or that you’ll get great weather on holiday in Manchester, what serviced apartments in Manchester can do is promise you quality and that goes a long way to ensuring you have a pleasant stay.