Serviced apartments available in Liverpool for Lostprophets at the O2 Academy

Serviced apartments are still available in Liverpool for the night that Lostprophets play the O2 Academy. Lostprophets will be touring the UK this year and will be in Liverpool on Thursday 19th April 2012. If you will be travelling to see the band live and will require overnight accommodation in Liverpool, have you considered staying in a Liverpool serviced apartment? Serviced apartments are more and more people’s first choice as they can offer more space and convenience than the traditional hotel room at comparable prices. You can see the diversity of options for Liverpool apartments by visiting the Liverpool city page on the Serviced City Pads website.

Lostprophets will be touring the UK this year to promote their fifth studio album “Weapons” which is to be released this April. The first official single from the album, entitled “Bring ‘Em Down,” was released this week and has already been met with approval by their fans. The band have built themselves a strong fanbase through years of touring and their four previous albums. The Lostprophets arrived on the scene with 2000’s “thefakesoundofprogress” which caught the attention of critics and the general public. The band really took off with their second album, 2004’s “Start Something”, which contained the massive hit single “Last Train Home”. Since then the band have released “Liberation Transmission” and “The Betrayed” which were both well received, and the new album should be another impressive chapter in the band’s career.

If you will be coming to see Lostprophets and want to find out more about serviced apartments in Liverpool, then call the Serviced City Pads reservations team on 0844 335 8866 and we can help you to find the best options. Alternatively, you can also submit enquiries through our website.