Serviced Apartments available in Manchester for Alkaline Trio

Serviced apartments are still available in November for the visit of Alkaline Trio to Manchester this November. Serviced apartments are a great option for anyone travelling to see Alkaline Trio play in Manchester who would require overnight accommodation. Serviced City Pads has a range of serviced apartments available in Manchester that could be ideal for your visit.

Alkaline Trio will be playing the Manchester Academy on the 8th November 2011, and there are still serviced apartments available for anyone who will need to stay overnight in Manchester. The band will be touring the UK in November to celebrate their 15th year, and to promote their new album “Damnesia”. “Damnesia” was a real treat for loyal fans of the Trio, as it saw acoustic reinterpretations of some fan favourites, such as “American Scream” and “Calling All Skeletons”. The trio, made up of guitarist Matt Skiba, bassist Dan Andriano, and drummer Derek Grant have built up a loyal following over the years due to their brilliant songwriting. The band became known as part of the late 90s pop-punk wave, which included bands like Greenday and Blink 182. However, the Trio were always that little bit darker with a fondness for all things dark and gothic, and, while that made them a harder sell to the mainstream, it has helped the band build a real fanbase which has continued to follow them. Fans of the Trio recognize the quality of the songwriting, both lyrically and musically, and also appreciate the band’s sense of humour. The Manchester show will feature both electric and acoustic performances and will be a great showcase for the diversity of the band’s output. If you haven’t yet seen the Trio live, then you should definitely make an effort to get to one of these shows – the band has built their reputation on their live performances and the Manchester show should sum up everything that is great about the band.

If you will be travelling to Manchester to see Alkaline Trio perform, perhaps you have looked at serviced apartments for accommodation? Serviced apartments are the increasingly popular alternative to hotels as they offer much more space than the traditional hotel room. A serviced apartment typically has a lounge and dining area as well as a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. There are many different types of apartment, from studios or one bedrooms to two or three bedroom apartments, which means that are options whether you are travelling alone or with friends or family. To see the options available, take a look at the Manchester city page on the Serviced City Pads website.

If you will be visiting Manchester this November, to see Alkaline Trio or for any other reason, contact us at Serviced City Pads and we will help you find the best options for your stay. You can call us on 0844-335-8866 to speak to a member of our reservations team, or you can send your enquiry to us through the website and we will answer as soon as possible.