Serviced Apartments: Benefits and Money saving an apartment can offer!

One thing we always strive for here at city pads is the best rate for our customers, and great apartments to offer. We have this in mind with every booking we do, as our team know how important price is when guests are looking for accommodation.

What can we offer?
A serviced apartment is a great option to look into for accommodation, no matter what your occasion is. It could be a weekend away when you just require a short stay apartment for a group of friends, a city break with family or a corporate stay for business. Not only do the apartments offer a great deal more space than perhaps other accommodation can offer, but serviced apartments are often up to 30% cheaper than hotels. The cost of your apartment is only the beginning of other ways a serviced apartment can benefit you when it comes to the cost of your stay.

What many of our customers enjoy about staying in a serviced apartment is that the apartments are fully furnished with a lounge, kitchen and include internet access, televisions and DVD players. This already means you have the option to stay in, instead of having to leave your accommodation for entertainment or for every meal. Not only this, but with the benefit of having access to further facilities such as washing machines, irons, and other supplied amenities you can enjoy your stay without added costs of dry cleaning, and eating out.

Laystall Apartments, Serviced Apartment Manchester:

The kitchen in your serviced apartment allows you to save money by simply cooking your meals in the comfort of your apartment, as well as allowing you to order in if you prefer instead of having to eat at restaurants and cafes for the entire duration of your stay.

What are the benefits?
The serviced apartments we can offer are also far more comfortable than some hotels as the lounge and dining areas we have add a comfort to your stay, and allows you far more choice during your time in the apartment. This added comfort level will not only enhance the overall experience of your stay, but will benefit you and your entire group during your time in the apartments, not only financially but the experience you have. We want our customers to have the best experience during their stay, and truly believe a serviced apartment can make that possible.