Serviced Apartments in London Visiting the West End Theatres

Why not take a trip down the West End of London to theatreland this summer where there is a wide range of shows available. Serviced City Pads are booking specialist’s in London, with a wide range of Serviced Apartment Accommodation to meet all requirements. The Serviced City Pads reservations team can be contacted on 0844 335 8866.

Journey’s End is showing until September 3rd at St Martins’s Lane theatre, there are many stories from the first world war where many of the soldiers and officers turned to drink to stave off the stress of the war. Many combatants began life as civilians and for some they still carried these characters through to life in the forces. Serviced apartment accommodation can either be short or long terms stay, basically either a London City Break or Long Term Corporate Stay.

Journey’s End is a story of the personalities of the soldiers and officers in the first world war and how they interact with each other and their characters through an incredibly violatile period in their lives. Serviced City Pads supply London City Break accommodation and the apartments have grown in popularity due the space versus the four walls of a hotel room.

2 central characters are Captain Stanhope who is married to Lieutenant and Raleigh sister and the former has developed a severe alcohol problem, this is made even worse as Raleigh worships Stanhope as he’d been a younger student at school. Raliegh who has been untouched by war see’ this in a romantic war unlike many of his fellow officers who will be going over the war to attack the Germans in less than two days time.

Serviced City Pads have supplied serviced London apartment accommodation throughout London for over two years, the reservations team source and list all the apartments, Serviced City Pads have many apartments within and minutes walk to the West. The German attack on the British trenches approaches, and the Sergeant Major tells Stanhope they should expect heavy losses, when this massive attack arrives as you can imagine many of the soldiers do not seem to keen to fight as you can imagine as heavy losses are expected. The attack begins and Raleigh has been injured by shelling and Stanhope is informed that he cannot move his legs i.e the poor fellow is paralysed from the midrift down, Stanhope is called to the bunker to comfort Raleigh, it is not looking good. Stanhope leaves the bunker for a moment to ponder the situation, a mortar is fired from the German lines and lands right on top od the bunker killing Raleigh outright.