Serviced Apartments in London whilst seeing Michael McIntyre.

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Chortling little Michael McIntyre is one of the nation’s favourite comedians and has become a household name over the past few years. With his trademark observational humour and his floppy fringe, his has stolen the hearts of the country and forced us all to love his squinty face and his hilarious comedy. His first DVD, Live and Laughing, (a pun on ‘live and kicking’, replacing the word ‘kicking’ with ‘laughing’ which both portrays the nature of the DVD i.e. a comedy, and also takes out the aggressive nature of the word ‘kicking’ whilst keeping the word ‘live’ which again, cleverly, details the live nature of the show) went on to become the fastest selling debut stand-up DVD of all time. In 2008 he was also the fastest selling comedian at the Edinburgh festival and sold out 5 nights in a row at London’s 3,600 capacity Hammersmith Apollo. That’s 18,000 people which is about a quarter of the capacity of Wembley Stadium. Or 3 times the capacity of Barnet’s Underhill Stadium. Either way, Michael McIntyre is really popular and comparably popular to football which loads of people love across the world and there are massive markets in Asia for. Will McIntyre ever break Asia? We certainly hope so as it is no more than he deserves with his exasperated tales of everyday situations and his constant prancing .

Micky Mack will be embarking on a nationwide tour in 2012 and this brings him to London’ O2 Arena in Sept/Oct 2012 for six dates where you are guaranteed to witness people physically wetting themselves, not because of incontinence or fear, but out of laughter. At Michael McIntyre. Due to the funny, funny jokes that he says and the way he moves around the stage so humorously. Tickets go on sale on March 31st so you best get ready to buy straight away or you may miss out!

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