Serviced apartments in Manchester still available for Kevin Smith at the Manchester Apollo

Serviced apartments are still available for Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes at the Manchester Apollo next February. The acclaimed writer / director and his long-time partner in crime will be providing an evening of entertainment in Manchester that any fans of his work will not want to miss out on. Here at Serviced City Pads we have a great range of serviced apartments available that are an ideal choice for anyone visiting Manchester; you can see the options available by visiting the Manchester city page on our website.

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will be bringing their “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” show to the Manchester Apollo on 17th February 2012, and there are still serviced apartments available for that evening. Kevin Smith is an acclaimed writer / director who made his name with the cult classic “Clerks”. Smith made the film while working in a convenience store; he used the store as his location, and filmed at night before working during the daytime. This gruelling schedule paid off as the resulting film was a hit at the Sundance and Cannes film festivals and established Smith as a film-maker. Since then he has made a series of films set in his View Askewniverse with many recurring characters. Chief among these are Jay and Silent Bob. Silent Bob is played by Smith himself; the name is appropriate as Silent Bob is a man of few words, but when he chooses to speak he has something to say. Jay on the other hand is a whirling dervish of foul-mouthed hyperactivity. The duo were minor characters in “Clerks” and reappeared in “Mallrats” and have developed a cult following, going on to appear in all View Askewniverse films. However, in recent years Smith has moved away from the Askewniverse into other films such as the unjustly maligned “Jersey Girl” and the rather more understandably maligned “Cop Out”. However, his new film “Red State” is an exciting proposition for all long-time Smith fans as it sees him leaving his comfort zone to make his first horror movie. As well as his film career, Smith also works in comics, and has a podcast and a blog. “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” is a great opportunity for fans of Smith to hear more about his films and his life in general. With his friend Jason Mewes there also, it should be a very entertaining evening as anyone who has ever seen footage of a Kevin Smith Q & A will testify.

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To find out more about serviced apartments in Manchester for February 2012 contact us here at Serviced City Pads and we will be happy to find the best options available for you. You can call us on 0844-335-8866 to speak with our reservations team, or you can submit your enquiry through the website and we will send options through to you as soon as possible.