Serviced Apartments in Ocean Village Marina, Southampton

Ocean Village has been greatly introduced in the last decade or so and has become a centre of business and retails development in Southampton. There are several residential developments in the area also with many choosing to move from the city centre or suburbs into these stylish new blocks of apartments. Along with recent trends around the UK, many of these have been bought and turned into serviced apartments, an alternative accommodation option to hotels that is growing in popularity among business and leisure travellers alike.

Ocean Village Marina is located on the area that used to be a section of the Eastern Docks. After years of standing derelict, in January 1986 these rundown warehouses and sheds were demolished and the site prepared for the construction for torn down to make way for a new £75 million project aimed at revitalising the area. There were a few problems in the early years, however now the area is really starting to see the benefits of the investment. Massive firms such as HSBC, Barclays and PricewaterhouseCooper have their regional offices in the area.

The marina itself has space for close to 400 marine vehicles and the basin, formerly used for commercial ships, is deep enough to offer mooring facilities for tall ships and large yachts. The Marina has also become famous for hosting the start and/or finish of large international yacht races, as well as being one of the venues for the Southampton Boat Show which takes place around September.

With plenty of offices in the area, as well as leisure facilities, many people are looking for accommodation in Southampton around the Marina. There is an abundance of Southampton serviced apartments in the area as many of the modern, new residential developments have been bought by serviced apartment operators. If you are looking to book some accommodation in Southampton for the Ocean Village Marina, then you should definitely look into booking a serviced apartment in Southampton for your stay.