Serviced Apartments London for Halloween and Phobophobia

Anyone looking to stay in London should consider booking a London serviced apartment for their stay and also consider hanging around the city for a few days to really take in all the wonderful sights and sounds that London has to offer.

Some of the most glorious sights and sounds that London has to offer can be found around Halloween time and where better to experience the horror, than at Phobophobia. This is an annual event held around Halloween at the London Bridge Experience and London Tombs. The London Bridge Experience is a popular tourist attraction located on close to London Bridge on Tooley Street, in vaults below the southern abutment of the bridge. This is located opposite London Bridge station and The Shard, and a new skyscraper currently under construction. The attraction has been open since February 2008 and cost around £2,000,000 to develop.

Focusing on the fear of fear itself, the Phobophobia Halloween show at London Bridge Experience brings you nose-to-nose with the topic of common phobias. Well I say common, there’s a few outlandish ones thrown in as well for good measure. However you will find yourself going past walls that are dripping in blood, squeezing through confined spaces and gasping in terror as you’re met all the things of nightmares; spiders, snakes, rhubard, witches and of course, everyone’s favourite, clowns. During the day the London Bridge Experience is open to all ages, there’s even guardian angels available to help protect the younger visitors. But after dark it’s another story and the Phobophobia show really kicks off. Watch out for the Bloody Butcher and his murderous clan who will be found stalking the venue, on the lookout for their next victim…

The Phobophobia Halloween show runs from Monday 17th October until Tuesday 1st November 2011 with the family show running from 10am – 6pm daily. The real meat can be found in the evening show which runs from 7pm and for this all children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult. With tickets around £20 a pop, why not get down to London for the 2011 Phobophobia extravaganza?

A serviced apartment in London is a great way to spend Halloween especially if you’re heading to the city with the family. A serviced apartment is a great alternative to a hotel as you get much more room and get to enjoy a whole apartment rather than being stuck in the four walls of a hotel room. Serviced City Pads have a wide selection of serviced apartments across all of London so wherever you are staying they can find something for you. With a good range of apartments within a few tube stops of the London Bridge Experience, get in touch with Serviced City Pads to see what London serviced apartments they can offer.