Serviced apartments The best way to stay!

You are planning the perfect city break away, looking for things to do, activities to take part in and also searching for some great places to unwind during your stay. Perhaps you are staying in a city long term for work, which means a key location in the city is vital to your work, and when you have time to relax. All of these factors go into making a city break, or business trip enjoyable, fun, accommodating to your needs, and ultimately successful. Therefore, a key piece to all of this is where you will be staying during your time in whichever city you choose.

Whilst traditional accommodation choices are always a good, we here at serviced city pads truly believe in finding you the best and at a great price. Why book a small hotel room, or a b & b with limited space and a small choice of breakfast options? The serviced apartments we can offer throughout the UK offer up to 50% more space than the average hotel room!
With serviced apartments you have access to wonderful and spacious bedrooms, fully fitted kitchens equipped with everything you need for a great meal and a relaxing lounge to make it the ultimate place to stay. If you are looking to travel to a UK city, whether for a family trip to a short break away apartments are a great way in ensuring you have enough space, as well as allowing you the freedom to cook what meals you desire meaning you are saving money during your stay.

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This is also true for those travelling away on business; our clients tell us that having the space to work and relax during a long stay away from home is very important. With a serviced apartment, they are able to have the space to unpack their belongings properly for however long the stay maybe, space to work, with a desk should it be required, parking spaces and WiFi all available. A serviced apartment can offer so much more, and allows you the same comforts of a home environment, with a luxury feel that our guests want to experience whilst away.

When planning your next trip, whether for business or pleasure, why not book a short stay serviced apartment or a long stay serviced apartment, and make your stay unforgettable!