Serviced City Pads add website translator for visiting guests

Serviced City Pads are delighted to announce that a Google translation tool has been added to their website. The tool allows users of the website to translate all information into more than fifty languages including (to name just a few) Spanish, Russian, French and Arabic.

Chris Rose, Director at Serviced City Pads said, “We have been looking at a number of ways in which our website can be understood by more non English speaking people. We understand that there are many corporate visitors to the UK, paricularly London, who don’t speak English – particularly workers from Germany, China and India. Even if they can speak English, it is better that we offer a version of in their mother language. We have found that the tools offered by Google, such as this translator tool, are very user friendly and are great value.

By allowing non English speaking people to book serviced apartments in London and elsewhere around the UK  we expect our corporate accommodation bookings to increase through 2010.

Serviced apartments are a far more established form of accommodation, particularly for business travellers and families, across Continental Europe than in the UK (where the idea of staying in a serviced apartment rather than a hotel is still arelatively new concept). The same theory can be applied to the USA and Canada. As well as adding this Google tool to increase overseas apartment bookings, we have also initiated a Pay Per Click advertising campaign through Google, that will mean not just customers using and will find us.

A massive part of our growth during 2010 will come from increasing our corporate account business base and that means not just speaking to companies based in the UK, but also companies that are based outside the UK with business interests (either UK based clients or UK offices) in the UK. This will often mean London corporate visits, but also stays in other cities such as Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh and Bristol.

Of course, it is not just corporate traffic that Serviced City Pads is targeting. There is clearly massive new wealth in the developing world, particualrly China and India. Holidaying in the UK is a very tempting idea from people from these countries and we think that staying in a serviced apartment booked with Serviced City Pads will offer these holiday makers an extra option over the standard idea that a hotel room should be booked for a holiday or UK city break. It doesn’t, but we need to make people aware that there is an alternative.

So, whether you are interested in booking a serviced apartment in London, a corporate apartment in Manchester or self catering accommodation in Liverpool, there is only one company to call and that company is called Serviced City Pads. Many of our apartments can be booked directly online. However, if you are not familar with the UK then you may find it easier to email the team at or call us on +44 151 709 8000. We will be delighted to help find you the best apartment to stay during your UK visit.