Serviced City Pads Are The Alternative To Liverpool Airport Hotels

If you, your colleagues or family need accommodation in Liverpool, you may initially think Liverpool airport hotels offer the easiest option.

After all, there are no doubt some reasonably-priced Liverpool airport hotels to be found, and, of course, you wouldn’t have far to travel when arriving at or leaving the city by plane.

But Liverpool airport hotels are not the only accommodation option in this vibrant and important city – now 800 years old, and 2008’s European Capital of Culture. And you may find alternatives which are just as conveniently located, and may even save you money.

Serviced apartments, for example, offer far more space than a room at one of the Liverpool airport hotels, and more freedom, especially when it comes to meal times. In a serviced flat – you can eat out, grab a take-away or cook your own if you want to save money on restaurant bills or simply don’t feel like going out.

Over time, serviced flats can save you money when compared to Liverpool airport hotels, while often giving you up to three times the space. But that doesn’t mean stinting on comfort. You’ll enjoy maid service, clean linen, for example.

At Serviced City Pads, we offer strong alternatives to hotels in Liverpool, including Liverpool airport hotels. We provide a range of serviced flats across the city, with great deals on offer in particular for corporate clients. All of our flats offer accommodation which is similar to that of a three star hotel as a minimum.

At the moment, we’re offering free nights on some of our serviced accommodation in Liverpool. So check out our website for more information and you may want to give Liverpool airport hotels a miss next time you’re in the city.