Serviced City Pads: Offering more for the Corporate traveller

We find that booking accommodation for business travel, involves far more than just booking your apartment or room. With business travel, we understand that for many of our clients, it is about sourcing the very best accommodation at a great price, to know exactly what you are getting and at what price and furthermore, ensuring that every colleague is comfortable during their time away. At serviced city pads, not only do we offer fantastic rates for the excellent serviced apartments we offer, but our team go further in ensuring that you have everything you need from us. So why book with serviced City pads? Read on to see why we offer you more than just a room…

Options to suit your budget

We not only have pre- negotiated rates in place, but we are here to work with you and any budget you have. Our team will be able to advise you on what rates we can offer, and work with you to make sure we can offer something for your stay within that price. The team we have can source the very best in accommodation and at the rates that suit you; we work with you rather than simply offering the same each and every time. 

Your needs in mind

Not only do the team work to your budget needs, but they are also able to work with any other requirements you have. Whether you need to be close by to an office or area, if you need options with good travel links, perhaps you need an apartment with a parking space? Our team are able to source this for you and more, giving you all the information you could need, maps, travel information and more. This is especially important for our clients that are travelling from overseas and are not familiar with the city they will be staying. We do not simply book accommodation; we are there to work for your needs to make your stay simple for the entire duration. 

Reports on your spend

We want to ensure that we are able to offer our clients the very best. This includes excellent accommodation options; the best rates available and far more for you. We also are pleased to offer reports for you, whether you need this annually, monthly or otherwise, we can work with you to produce reports on what you have spent, the top locations you book and far more. This is exclusive to our clients and we are pleased to help you in all your travel needs. 


Why not call the team and see how we can help you and all your corporate accommodation needs!