Serviced City Pads: The booking service for you

As part of the city pads team I am proud to say that we take our role booking serviced accommodation for our clients very seriously, not only do the team work hard in providing excellent rates and the very best in serviced accommodation but we also want our clients to know just how important they are to us. If you are looking for a serviced apartment for a few months, a weekend away with friends or travelling to visit family you have been apart from our team want to help and make sure you not only have a great trip but know that your accommodation needs are taken care of!

Shoreditch, 2 bedroom apartment, London

The entire serviced city pads team are dedicated in doing everything we can do make your stay the very best in can be, and we do this in a number of ways with values we wish to always adhere to:

As a team we are committed to making every day a successful one, and we do this by committing ourselves to fulfilling our promises to guests, not only sourcing great rates for your stay, but making sure they are the best around. We are committed to you in finding out what you need for your stay and doing everything we can to make it happen. We are also committed to making sure that as a team we are strong, we help each other through each enquiry and we support each other to ensure that every booking we have is fully taken care of from the moment you check in!

We pride ourselves on offering a well rounded service, and commitment to our clients means that we want to be open and honest about every booking we do. We do not want clients to feel as though they have not been given the best rate possible or that they can find a better service elsewhere. This is why we are not only hard working in providing serviced apartments for every enquiry we have, but we also want to provide the same dedicated and honest approach to every guest.

One of the benefits of working with serviced city pads is that what we offer you is time. Not only time for you to relax or get on with the work you need to do whilst we source your accommodation for you, we also dedicate time to the enquiries we have. Whether this takes 1 hour or 1 day! Rest assured our team will not come back empty handed if we can help it, our time is dedicated to you and your needs.

Ravenscourt, 3 bedroom serviced apartment London

Our team members come from all different backgrounds and have traveled throughout the UK, giving us the expertise to advise you on the best locations and where will be the right fit for you. Not only this, but we have dedicated members of staff that will go out and source new accommodation for your needs, and make sure that we know exactly what we are offering. Our team are able to offer different perspectives which enable us to offer you the best options for each and every stay.

Looking for a corporate stay or a leisure booking? Why not call the team and see why we offer the best in serviced apartments and dedication to you!