Serviced Pads Centred Round The Barbican

If you rent London serviced apartments in the Barbican district, you may see the odd crumbling wall. Don’t worry, it’s Roman. It says a lot about Italian builders that the Roman wall was one of the few things left unscathed when the Germans bombed the rest of the city during the Blitz.

The Barbican was totally rebuilt in the 1950s, and today it is dominated by its arts centre – the largest in Europe. Within this confusing labyrinth of walkways you will find two theatres, three cinemas, one concert hall, two galleries, a library, a museum and various societies and drama groups. These include the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the London Symphony Orchestra.

If you’ve booked accommodation in London for business with Serviced City Pads, you’ll probably want to chill out. Wander to the relaxing foyer. Here, there are live jazz recitals 7 days a week. For the price of a coffee and a Danish pastry, you can tap away at your laptop while a world renowned artiste tootles in the background. Book London serviced apartments during the London Jazz Festival, and the Barbican is one long symphony of blues, jazz and swing.

Once you’ve got your bearings, the Barbican is an entrancing masterpiece. Works of modern art and sculpture vie with Roman remains and placid landscaped gardens. Fountains and grassy paths share floor space with renowned tourist attractions like the London Museum. When you book serviced apartments in London, you’ll realise the Barbican is a place that will never want to let you go.