Short And Long Term Accommodation

Liverpool has a lot to offer visitors. Quick breaks may seem like a fleeting visit spending two nights in a city that offers everything from historical venues to modern cultural sights. The friendly city of Liverpool has a vibrant community that welcomes visitors on a regular basis especially during its tenure as the European capital of culture; something that everybody associated with the city is understandably proud of.

As well as holidaymakers, Liverpool attracts business and industry visitors as well as avid shoppers and music fans to name a few groups. The diverse range of activities that Liverpool has to offer has seen an equally diverse array of accommodation and holiday options cropping up. One of the most interesting types of accommodation in Liverpool is the serviced apartment – apartments that provide a home away from home at reasonable prices in the heart of the city.

Short stay breaks in serviced accommodation are perfect for visitors that are planning to enjoy a particular event or have a couple of day’s heavy shopping on Lord Street and Church Street. You can shop throughout the day and return to your apartment to eat whenever you like without being tied down.

Extended holidays, work contracts, or the transition into a new job can require longer periods staying in rental accommodation. No matter how much work has been done to make them feel homely, hotels in Liverpool cannot provide the same homely feel as serviced apartments do. Fitted kitchens, luxuriously decorated bathrooms and ample living space ensures that this is the case.