Snowdrops in Edinburgh

As urbanised as the UK is, as city bound as many people are, there is just something about the wonders of the world of flora and fauna that simply grabs at a primal heartstring. One festival that you can really enjoy if you are a flora lover is the Edinburgh Snowdrop festival.

This is a glorious showcase of Edinburgh’s snowdrops in bloom. There is something about the simplicity and innocence of this delicate little flower that is enchanting and simply too beautiful to miss, especially when you are gazing at fields of these gorgeous blooms.

Blooming fantastic

The snowdrop festival takes place in February and March each year, and it will offer you a great chance to get away from your daily drudgery for a while. You may also think that taking a trip to Edinburgh for something simple, yet enjoyable, is not possible. After all, hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation are expensive, especially during this financial pinch.

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This makes attending the beautiful Edinburgh Snowdrop festival affordable and well worth the effort. You can see these blooming blossoms in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Shepherd’s House garden and in many other natural areas in and around Edinburgh. Take a look at our serviced apartments in Edinburgh. Go ahead, you deserve some time out and some natural beauty.