Something for bookworms

Edinburgh is a bustling city that mixes ancient, old and contemporary together in a rich melting pot of culture and events. Edinburgh is also home to a great many festivals; the number goes up each year as new festivals and events are added to the calendar.

One festival that you need to take note of is the Edinburgh International Book Festival. This festival was thought up with literature lovers and bookworms in mind. The best part is that attending this festival need not cost you an arm and a leg.

You can contentedly stay in Edinburgh for a few days during the festival and still have money to spend on books. Yes, you can do all of that with the help of Edinburgh serviced apartments.

Staying and reading

Staying in Edinburgh need not mean a hotel stay that drains your funds and leaves your bank account bone dry. Serviced apartments in Edinburgh range from expensive to downright cheap and this makes your stay for the festival all the more possible. You can even have money to spare for spending on the many books you will fall in love with.

Edinburgh International Book Festival is a literature lover’s dream come true. It is the liveliest and largest International Book Festival in the world and has a 26-year history. This book festival is a must visit for all book lovers and you need to mark the dates off in the August festival season on your calendar.

If you love books you have absolutely no reason not to attend; even serviced apartments are on your side with their low prices.