Something for dog lovers

Pets and their owners often form an inseparable bond that lasts a good many years. This life long companionship is what has earned the dog the title of “man’s best friend” and nowhere else in the UK is this more evident than in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh sports the attraction of Greyfriar’s Bobby. A charming tale of man’s best friend that touches the hearts of all who hear it. You can even visit the statue of Greyfriar’s Bobby while visiting Edinburgh. It makes a fun and adventurous trip for dog lovers from all over.

Following man’s best friend

The story of Greyfriar’s Bobby is about a Scottish terrier named Bobby and the Greyfriar’s Kirk, or cemetery. The story goes that Bobby’s owner would bring him to the Edinburgh market on a Wednesday. They would lunch together at a restaurant near Greyfriar’s cemetery after the gun sounded at one o’clock. This was a tradition for the pair that came to an end when his owner died.

The tale goes on to tell of Bobby not leaving his master’s grave unless he was forced to go the restaurant for food. The little dog touched the hearts of many and stayed at his master’s graveside for 14 years.

This is an endearing story and makes a pleasant trip for dog lovers. You can travel to Edinburgh, stay in an affordable serviced apartment and visit Bobby’s statue. The statue is outside the cemetery gates. Serviced apartments make your trip to see Greyfriar’s Bobby an affordable one, even in tough economic times, one well worth the trouble.